Why is Self-Care So Important?

Why is self care so important?

Let me ask you this - have you ever felt so burnt out or worn thin that you truly believed you had nothing left to offer?

Whenever my people-pleasing kicks in and I start to have a difficult time saying “no,” I just try to remind myself of this one simple notion:

I am doing a disservice to those in my life if I don’t carve out space for ME to rejuvenate.

Especially for those of you in a helping profession, at times our sense of altruism can eclipse our need to self-care. But if I stop going to yoga, therapy, spending time with loved ones, and cuddling my pup (see above), I start to become easily irritated and short-fused. I can burn up any leftover energy needed to spend on ME.

We have the capacity to give bottomlessly, as long as we are receiving bottomlessly as well.

So ask yourself, where do your roots grow?

What satisfies your soul?

What can you do for YOU?

And, as a nice little byproduct, we get to be more present for others.

We must be present for ourselves, too... or ultimately, we aren’t present for anyone.


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