Be the Bigger Person - A Poem

*Reader Submission*

Be the bigger person.

Be the bigger person! Preaching

your sermon-you expect

me to faithfully follow?

Feeding me your concepts,

perspectives, and ideals you

instruct me to serviceably

swallow and digest

your scrutiny. You force

my wounds to heal

and convince me that you

understand how I feel:

the hurt, the anger,

and the hopelessness

I bare.

Be the bigger person! You

claim to be fair and

sympathetic. You carry

no judgement and yet,

you crucify me cold

heartedly. Your

prosecutions strip

me bare, unjustly and

I’m left with new scars.

You degrade me and

blame me for your

ill behavior. You pressure

me to dress accordingly

and to not give in easily

but to not be unfriendly.

I must accommodate


Be the bigger person! Be

the bigger person! You

capricious prick; you advocate

for my sanctity as you

continuously slut shame

me. I stand before you

bleeding dry. My fragile

body is covered in abrasions

by the knife on my side.

Self-inflicted wounds are

instigated by your lecturing

and your meddling.

Be the bigger person! That’s

highly unlikely. I’ve given up.

I’m left empty and unable

to fight back your hypocrisy.

The rope is far too small

and the drop too steep.

A forced duality that leaves

me condemned. I should

have liberty but I’m

limited by your inquisitions.

To be chastised when I

celebrate my sensuality. You

stare, objectify, and hate

me for your cardinal sin.

You declare that my looks

invite you in.

You be the bigger person!

You. Be. The. Bigger. Person.

Accept your insincerity and

take responsibility for your

actions. It’s your turn

to be held accountable.

My sexuality is not for

the highest bidder. I can’t

be owned nor be reduced by

your idiosyncrasy. Do not

confuse my compassion for

pleasurable yearning. Do

not label me and manipulate

me to make yourself

feel better. Do not shatter

my purity; it’s not contingent

to my virginity or

the lack of it.

I am virtuous. I am

mischievous. I’m complicated

as they come. I’m

whatever the fuck I

want to be as I rejoice my

feminine qualities. As a woman

I embrace my seductiveness

and my mastery in

breaking the visible

and invisible boundaries.

I am everything.


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