I am More Than Heroin - A Poem

*Reader submission*

When I'm out here chasing the dope,

My life is a long downward slope,

I feel the drip I love when it slides down my throat,

As I lose all my faith now with a diseased hope.

I try to come out and reach up,

But I cant seem to get out of this rut,

My spirit is ruined im stabbed and cut,

As I walk through life with my eyes shut.

I want to leave and never come back,

I've burned every bridge and thats a fact.

I dont need bullshit or what you think I want to hear,

I'm tired of living my life in constant fear.

Putting in work makes me feel the best,

Living a good life is why I have now become obsessed.

Sometimes my ego can fill a room,

I love to sing and dance to my own tune.

Drugs have destroyed me and filled me with pollution,

So now instead of the drink and drugs I'll use my new solution.


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Baltimore, Maryland